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Attaching written references, including one from your Parish Pastor, is suggested.  You may submit the written references at a later date.

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There is a $20 non-refundable application fee.
(Note that on-line applications will not be fully processed until the $20 application fee has been received in the residence office.)

I have enclosed my non-refundable $20.00 application fee/I will mail the application fee.

Please make cheque payable to: Sheptytsky Institute
Mail to: 1236 College Drive, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 0W4

6. Please review and note the following application information:

All applicants are advised to understand the Conditions of Occupancy prior to making application.
Applications will not be fully processed without receipt of the $20.00 application fee. (In some special situations, specifically time related, when arrangements have been made and approved through the residence office, an application may be processed with receipt of the fee in order to avoid any delays.)
Number of years of residency at Sheptytsky Institute and date of application are considered when assigning parking spaces and specific room requests.
Confirmation of application and payment schedule will be sent once the application is processed.
Applications may be withdrawn without penalty, less application fee, prior to April 30.
Confirmed applications cancelled after April 30, but, before July 1, may qualify to receive a refund of the $300.00 2nd term deposit, or portion thereof, only if the vacancy is filled by the waiting list or a new application, within 14 days of cancellation.
Confirmed applications cancelled after June 30, but, before August 15, may qualify to receive a refund of the $300.00 2nd term deposit, less $75 cancellation fee, only if the vacancy is filled immediately.

Thank you for considering Sheptytsky Institute!

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Providing false information on this form may result in application being nullified.
Incomplete applications may result in delay of acceptance into residence.

We respect the privacy and anonymity of our residents. Personal information collected on this form will be utilized by Sheptytsky Institute for residence purposes only. At all times, we maintain confidentiality and protect your information. We do not disclose, sell or lend any information about you to any source for any reason with the exception of that required by law.